Behold the Binder of Women!

Darn you, Obama! Darn you to heck!

Okay. Pretty much every single “binders of women” joke has already been done — so why not just pile the hell on? I never claimed to be original or anything. If you want original humor, dig up Andy Kaufman. 

If you saw the second Presidential debate — and I know you did — you were, like me, struck by several things. First, those two men really dislike each other. Second, as FOX News angrily reported, the moderator, CNN reporter Candy Crowley, proved that she was firmly in the Obama camp by pointing out a blatant falsehood made by Mitt Romney on the subject of Libya. Shame on her! Shame!

The argument was about when was the first time that Obama called the Benghazi attack an “act of terrorism.” Obama said that he had used the term in a Rose Garden speech the day after the attack and Romney said that he hadn’t used the term for several weeks. Crowley informed the crowd that Obama was correct, at which point everybody cheered and began hitting Romney with sticks.

I have drones. Do. Not. Fuck. With. Me.

At the time I was struck by an odd thought: “who cares?” I didn’t understand why this was especially important. It was a terrible, messy tragedy. Our embassy had been overrun, four Americans were dead and everything was in chaos. It seems quite forgivable if the Administration didn’t know what the fuck had happened for a couple of days, especially given that the attack was simultaneous with other protests over that goddamned anti-Muslim video. Maybe Romney was right to claim the attack was a sign that the Administration’s Middle Eastern policy was failing. But then he should have been arguing that, not over the date Obama used the word “terrorism.”

It depresses me that this is the level that the Presidential contest has sunk to. Nobody was debating the country’s ridiculous, self-destructive drug policy or whether it was sensible to use FLYING KILLER DEATH ROBOTS OF DOOM against people who disliked us. They were fighting over when the President first used a specific word to describe a really horrible event.

Wait. Was it “horrible” or “terrible”? Now I’m flip-flopping too. Please don’t tell Hannity.

Oh well. At least we got to hear Romney use the immortal phrase, “binders full of women.” Romney was saying that when he had been elected governor of Massachusetts he had been presented with an all-male cabinet, which he rejected because he wanted to include some women. Eventually he was brought the famous “binders full of women” to choose from, and he put lots of gals into his cabinet.

Personally, I find it difficult to muster much Liberal Outrage over this particular statement either. It was awkwardly expressed and vaguely condescending, but hardly a substantive gaffe. The phrase was, however, hilarious, and therefore I’ll be forever grateful to Mitt for coining it. Just last night I said to my wife, “Darling, you’re the only woman in MY binder!” and she punched me in the face. It was quite romantic.

Anyway, the debate was mildly entertaining as theater.  The biggest takeaway from it was that Obama clearly wants to be reelected, so he was willing to properly prepare for this second debate after the drubbing he received in the last one. So maybe Chris Matthews can stop crying now, okay?

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134 Responses to “Behold the Binder of Women!”

  1. Moammar Says:

    I think you miss the significance of Romney’s pronouncements on the Libya tragedy. When it happened, the White House had to “get information” from intelligence agencies and “discover what exactly happened.” Typical.

    Romney, on the other hand, knew exactly what had happened from the local news! He didn’t have to do any investigation or find out whether the ambassador was brought out of the compound by friends or by his killers, whether the demonstration was simply a cover for the attack, whether Al Quaeda was involved, and so on. Simply by reading the USA Today headline, and without any intelligence resources whatsoever, he knew EXACTLY what it was all about.

    The administration, in its simple-minded attempt to “discover the facts,” was obviously just engaging in some kind of cover-up… a cover-up in which these “facts” would be perpetrated on the American people.

    When Romney is actually president, he won’t even need the USA Today headline or pictures in the local news in order to know what has happened and who to blame. It will come to him in a trance-like state, and it will always be President Obama’s fault.

    • Paul Murphy Says:

      Wow. Does Mitt have peep-stones? (Cheap shot. Sorry. Now I feel bad.)

    • Bethany Learning Academy Says:

      Moammar, I must slightly disagree. This author does appear to have the knowledge to grasp the “significance of Romney’s pronouncements on the Libya tragedy.” This person knows. The motives of many liberals of today are snowballing down their own slippery slopes. It matters not to many of these people “who” is in the White House, “what” the president does regarding patriotism, “why” others disagree with executive actions. All that matters is that a “Democrat” is in the White House. Many people feel a sense of “entitlement,” and are too threatened by the thoughts that they must work to have. As long as their party has the seat, they feel their interests will matter. Funny how crooked liberal minds are as they look for reasons to attack instead of looking for reasons to promote. Not even a liberal can point out a good enough reason to promote Obama;instead, they each focus on methods of attacking his opponents. Giving in to a voice that belittles human intelligence, threatens autonomy, and hides behind a facade called “victim of life,” is the liberal way of being. I know quite a few people who voted for Obama once and will never do it again. None of these were liberals, though they identified themselves as Democrats. It took, what it will take for many, a personal experience of the failed policies crushing a part of their lives that cannot be replaced. Unlike this author, there are many people who will vote for a president who supports policies that hold people accountable for their own outcomes and keep federal control of personal lives to a minimum; albeit, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are fooled into believing something that just isn’t so. When Pelosi said, “Let’s get this [Obamacare] passed so we can see what’s in it.” The intelligent people said, “No. Let’s see what’s in it first.” Only a fool supports a contract when the details not revealed. And now… Obamacare is funding the sterilization of teenagers without parental acknowledgements. I sincerely that should all the people who must now suffer this outcome be only the girls of liberals and not those who fought for a freedom from governmental evasions in the lives of Americans.

      • Paul Murphy Says:

        You sure do write quickly even if you mostly spout nonsense.

      • cathynd95 Says:

        Ha ha! Love your response, Paul. O just want to know, in what binders O am listed, and why level of imposing on my privacy it presents… Mmmm, I see a blog post in my near future on that one. 🙂

      • SimplySimplisticComplexities Says:

        If you did read between the lines I think his statement is more along the lines that he Doesn’t agree with this bashing game. We do spend billions of dollars every 5 years and then complain of deficit. Mitt Romney wants to portray to the people that he want’s the officials to follow protocol, Then Obama according to national defense. Did. I think Romney is for the people yes. And this Author May have a slight different view and may not particularly be as learned as the political extremists. But America is kept Stupid and blind. This is what I believe in some way he was trying to say. Romney is very passionate, A great thing and a curse. For Obama Succeeded in making him look retarded.
        At the same time. Many people are; because of this post actually reviewing claims and can pick a president that compliments our times. If you truly Looked at our Government and its standing with “our times” It is truly time for a big change, and possibly just possibly someone who can look out for america as a whole. And stop this ever present state of national security where we are always In another country “helping” or “securing USA” when really In the long run its just creating chaos and anarchy. Lets start being conservative? Yes I believe this. I believe If we have both Obama and Romney we would come out of this Deficit quicker. But then again I don’t really agree with our systems so to speak. When we view our growing culture. And no I think we need to stand by Our constitution and amendments. Though I believe its “retarded” to assume it cant be added to.

    • tdiep Says:

      I don’t want to have a president like Mitt who mis-spoke so many times before. These stupid mistakes showed how shallow he is.

  2. Things You Realize After You Get Married Says:

    “Binders full of women” is an interesting phrase. As a woman, I don’t know if it’s better to be referred to that, or if I should just be grateful that a man is trying to include women into his cabinet to begin with.

    Congrats on being FP!

    • Paul Murphy Says:

      Gosh. I didn’t know I was. Thanks!

    • Sam Grasso (@BoyGonBad) Says:

      The Binder comment is just another example of liberals , not having a record to run on and finding a buzz word and trying to make every excuse that Romeny is a bad guy. In the business world thats the words they use, he wanted “binders”= Resumes of women who he they could include on his staff. Ill bet the idiots who are commenting on binders have no clue what it means in the business accuman.But heck , it makes romeny look bad so it must be alright.. jacklasses

      • Paul Murphy Says:

        I mostly agree with you. Did you bother to read the blog before you started whining about it?

  3. rami ungar the writer Says:

    I watched the first half of the debate, and I thought the craziest thing that was said that night (out of a lot of crazy things) was that Mitt Romney encouraged parents to tell kids to get married before starting a family as a way to decrease the level of gun violence. Really? I mean come on; some people want families but don’t want the hassle of going through relationships just to find “the one”; and others want to get married but can’t because the state they live in doesn’t recognize that sort of marriage.
    Once again, I see Romney saying something that just doesn’t add up, and I just wonder who the hell’s his speech writer.

    • Paul Murphy Says:

      I’m betting he went off-script there. It was pretty hilarious.

    • Bethany Learning Academy Says:

      He wasn’t reciting a speech. It may be that Romney doesn’t add up in your mind because you choose not to consider his points valid. Let’s see what does add up…. 2 (facts) Romney did indeed bring the schools in his state to the NUMBER 1 ranking nationally. Obama can’t manage clunkers much less important issues. PLUS (+) 2 (additional facts) Romney is a wealth businessman who donates a third of his income to charity. Obama has been completely funded by ACORN (the prostitute ring) and FANNIE MAE (the housing market that caused our economy to crash for the most part)…. All this equals 4. I am 4 Romney…. you’re a adding is problematic apparently… so trust us when we say Obama spent Trillions of money we do not have and your grandchildren’s children will be paying it back. We can’t afford this moron.

      • Paul Murphy Says:

        Mass was already no. 1 in education BEFORE Mitt got elected. Congrats to him for not bitching it up during his term, though. Your idiotic comments about Obama’s funding deserve no reply.

      • oceannah Says:

        Thanks for pointing that out Paul! Taking credit for what you inherit seems a theme…

      • rami ungar the writer Says:

        whatever you say. i find obama’s policies make more sense than defunding planned parenthood because some right-wingers believe it’s an abortion mill.

  4. obsidianfactory Says:

    Both the anti-Muslim video and the embassy attacks were deplorable.

  5. Tom G Says:

    It’s really a question of semantics, some saying the “act of terror” phrase was directly applied to the event, others saying not. Anyway, Hillary took the shot that Obama is too feeble to take, unless you reckon that tepid “ultimately, I’m responsible” response to mean anything more than “I’m sorry you screwed up.” And of course, the living implosion that is this administration had its surrogates out blathering about that stupid video being the spontaneous cause, as somehow hand-held rocket launchers were magically furnished. Romney could drink four bottles of Wild Turkey, down a fistful of vicodin, and show up with blood and vomit all over his shirt, and he’d still manage to be more adult and coherent than this entire circus regime.

    Just sayin’.

    • Paul Murphy Says:

      So you too believe that the President sets the security level at all of the US embassies and interest buildings around the world? Seriously?

  6. a renaissance man Says:

    When I was a bachelor I had a ‘little black book’

  7. The Simple Life of a Country Man's Wife Says:

    “Just last night I said to my wife, “Darling, you’re the only woman in MY binder!” and she punched me in the face. It was quite romantic.”

    Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

  8. RichStine Says:

    In China, they only put women’s feet in binders.

    It’s like training a baby elephant to succumb to a life of singular misery in a circus. Take a baby elephant, tether it with a rope to a stake in the ground. When it grows up, unless something freaky happens that allows the elephant to realize its strength and power, and can get away from the freakin’ clowns, the elephant will resign itself to being tethered and mistreated by abhorrent creatures all the days of its life.

    Nice write.

  9. J Roycroft Says:

    Obama did in fact not call the attack on our Libyan consulate in Benghazi a terrorist attack in his Rose Garden meeting. This has already been verified by everyone to be a false statement.
    Obama mentions Big Bird 48 times in a week, but no Benghazi. Obama uses binders now, but still no Benghazi. Is this what obama’s campaign has come down to?

  10. NouveauSoileau Says:

    I finally know how true it is that I describe my life as a three-ring circus. Hey kids! Don’t bite the binder that feeds you.

    Really, these jokes just write themselves.

  11. TAE Says:

    I want to choose 1,2 & 3 in your poll! They’re all super deplorable.
    And I think the theater comment is quite applicable. Great post.

  12. quarteracrehome Says:

    Actually the comment was worse because he did not, in fact, do anything about the all-female cabinet. A womens advocacy group saw how few chicks there were and brought him a list of qualified women and capaingned for him to fix it.
    And then female employment in top-level jobs in his state’s government offices had dropped by like %27 by the time he left office.

    • Paul Murphy Says:

      Yeah, I learned that after I wrote this. I could have updated it, but I disapprove of post-publication editing. Reality can bite me. Thanks for reading!

    • Sam Grasso (@BoyGonBad) Says:

      So they are the ones who brought him the “Binder” ? or can we still blame Mitt for using the word Binder, just want to be sure who gets the credit for Binder, the womens advocay group or Romney?

  13. entrepreneursupergirl Says:

    I couldn’t believe Romney stumbled so badly with the question on equality of women. Someone had to have guessed that question would have been asked. I thought the debate was of poor representation of America. Not one tattoo, hipster, elder, or baby momma was allowed to speak. I would prefer debates “unplugged” where candidates get to speak frankly with people in the public like local government officials do on a weekly basis. They both sucked at making their points and as professionals, I felt they should have been more polished. The glass of wine I consumed was my favorite part!

  14. Amy E Says:

    I thought it was worse after the debate when Fox ‘news’ anchors started dissecting the debate and said the moderator covered useless topics and the questions asked by the audience were irrelevant and purposefully trying to make Romney look bad.

  15. Amercia Gazette Says:

    This was great! Really enjoyed the memes

  16. Deborah the Closet Monster Says:

    I hope I can start my weekend with my fiancee reassuring me I’m the only woman in HIS binder! I’ve seen a lot of binder references by now, but this was the first to have me spitting out my coffee from laughter. Thanks for that. 🙂

  17. notesfromrumbleycottage Says:

    Enjoyed your post and some of your responses. They make me laugh in an election season that needs a few more of those.

  18. JB Says:

    At the time I was struck by an odd thought: “who cares?” I didn’t understand why this was especially important. It was a terrible, messy tragedy. Our embassy had been overrun, four Americans were dead and everything was in chaos.

    Perhaps I can help in why you might want to care. The administration on Benghazi pushed a narrative that Benghazi was a spontaneous demonstration over a movie trailer when in fact there was no spontaneous uprising. They pushed this idea for two weeks. They are now blaming the intelligence community who if fact knew it was not a spontaneous demonstration but rather a terrorist attack within the first 24 hours. Now either the DNI Clapper or the CIA Petaeous weren’t doing their job of informing the administration or something is amiss.

    At a minimum this should concern every citizen. What was the purpose of this storyline? The administration could have simply said we don’t know yet what transpired it would have been understandable. But that is not what happened.

    Why this is important is that it brings into question the President and his hand-picked administrations competence and his foreign policy in general. It brings into question whether this administration thinks perception in more important than fact. For many concerned about this country this might be considered an important issue in a Presidential election

    As to whether the President is involved in security at all levels, well of course not but he is responsible for the actions or non-action of his appointees and if their judgment is way off shouldn’t there be some reaction? Remember this attack took over six hours. There were request by the security people and the embassy itself for more security which was turned down by the state department.

    Then there is the whole woman in a binder issue. Just compare who has hired more women, paid them more fairly. Romney or Obama? It’s that simple. I’m personally not in favor of giving any person an advantage based on race, gender or anything other than qualifications.

    • Paul Murphy Says:

      I have plenty of questions about this Administration’s handling of foreign policy – drones, Gitmo, Afghanistan, and so on. The problem that the GOP has is that it basically approves of everything that Obama is doing overseas, so it’s reduced to carping about when the President said “terror.” All I’ve heard from Romney on foreign policy is if he (Romney) were elected, he’d get tough on Russia. Also on China. And he’d get tough on Iran too. And maybe Venezuela. Also Cuba. Probably Canada as well. (Damn them Canadians!) Dude’s got nothing.

      • Paul Murphy Says:

        By the way. Thanks for your response. It makes me happy that somebody cares enough to tell me I’m full of crapola.

      • JB Says:

        lol, It’s not about crapola, but often real issues get lost in politics. The forces of evil (political operatives on all sides) inundate us with so much BS it’s hard to see what is real anymore. Let alone make decent choices. While I proably disagree with your politics I find discussion a good thing.

      • Sam Grasso (@BoyGonBad) Says:

        Paul, I havent heard anything from Obama regarding how he will fix economy, his plans on taxes, his plans on foerign policy, he just says give him 4 more years, Sorry Obama not gonna happen you have no plan and have put forth no plans about what you weill do or do differently. Time for a change if Romneys not the one we vote him out in 4 yrs too. But Obama must go

      • Paul Murphy Says:

        You’re right to a depressing degree. Obama isn’t running a very positive campaign, mostly because he’s succeeding by pointing out how terrible Romney is. If you guys had put up a half-way decent candidate, Obama would be in a lot more trouble.

  19. indacampo Says:

    Re: The Poll

    I should first qualify my statements by revealing that…I’m Canadian. Now that I’ve “come out” I also need to disclose that I live in Panama where if t.v. isn’t Latino it’s American. And Fox News “Fair and Banlanced” phffffffff! So yes, we have been following the American election. In regards to the poll I would like to vote as follows because I just can’t choose one (even though my vote doesn’t really count):

    Mitt Romney’s bogus tax plan that just doesn’t add the hell up – why do Ryan and Romney keep on referring to Canada in their mythical tax plan? Do they even know that Canada’s tax system does not remotely resemble the US tax system? Can’t they come up with their own ideas or are they just waiting for that Bi-Partisan Committee to come up with one for them?

    Barack Obama’s willingness to prosecute people for smoking pot just like he used to – that sounds hypocritical to me but I guess we all go through phases and then we grow up.

    Paul Ryan’s invasion of an empty food kitchen to create a fake photo op – Ryan reminds me of a nerdy high school kid. How can you take seriously anyone who had never had a real job in the real world, the guys been in politics his whole life people! You can give ‘em book smarts but you can’t give ‘em common sense.

    Joe Biden’s use of the word “malarkey.” – Joe’s old school. Would gibberish, nonsense, prattle, absurd, bunk (do I need to list the rest), have sounded better?

    Loved the post and congrats on being FP!

  20. Constance V. Walden Says:

    You cannot express yourself without the use of profanity?

  21. segmation Says:

    I think Chris has stopped crying over this. Life is too short.

  22. Joe R. Says:

    “Darling, you’re the only woman in MY binder!” and she punched me in the face. It was quite romantic.

    I am still Laughing quite Out Loud at that!

    I think it was poorly phrased by Romney, but had President Obama made the same statement we’d be discussing how he’s the Affirmative Action president. Gov. Romney admits he passed over qualified candidates in favor of diversity and that it’s a good thing.

    • Paul Murphy Says:

      I agree with you mostly. It’s a non-issue except that it plays into the perception of Romney as a dude lost in time from the ’50s who generally condescends to women, bless the li’l darlins!

  23. Says:

    I hate to admit I have a ‘Binders Full Of Women’ post too.

    You can check it out here –>

  24. sportsandthecross Says:

    I’ve heard so much about this since the debate, every candidate messes up at some point, but this was a sort of comical mess up! Poor guy haha Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! Great post!

  25. Patti Kuche Says:

    I missed the “binders” bit – I was busy stacking the dishwasher and putting away all the ironed shirts. Shucks, if only I had worked harder, earned loads of money etc I could have someone else do all the drudgy things for me – another woman from an agency binder!

  26. barelydomesticateddiva Says:

    I, too, laughed out loud (in my noiseless office, mind you) at your romantic moment with your wife. I missed the debate, unfortunately, but why would he have women in a binder? Is that his political version of the kitchen?

  27. wearywanderer64 Says:

    Politicians, eh? Do any of them care about us?

  28. Creative Metaphor Says:

    With all respect to your poll, I think the most tragic part of this whole affair is that these two are, apparently, the best we can do as a country. I weep.

    Just once, I want to outlaw both democrats and republicans from doing (besides just those in congress) and see what the independents, greens, libertarians, etc can do!

  29. amelie88 Says:

    haha I appreciate your inclusion of the word “malarkey” in your poll! I didn’t watch the VP debate but it seemed that one of the stand out moments was when Joe Biden used that word. Apparently it seemed a lot of people had never heard of it before and it made me nostalgic for my own grandfather who used to say that word all the time! I didn’t realize it was an Irish-American thing!

    And I didn’t realize the “binders full of women” would be another stand out moment either when I watched the presidential debate. In fact, I thought “Good on Biden for trying to include competent women on his cabinet!” Goes to show not everyone will interpret that statement as anti-feminist or as demeaning to women. But it is a funny and awkward statement!

  30. Jaggi Says:

    Reblogged this on Jaggi.

  31. Binders of Women, you say? Hmmmn… | Stacy on the Right Says:

    […] Behold the Binder of Women! ( […]

  32. Mashed Potato Bulletin Says:

    I was actually just thinking of this, this morning. WHY does it matter whether or not it was labeled a terrorist attack. Who cares! What matters is that the authorities were acting appropriately to what happened, containing the situation and figuring out how to prevent more violence.

    And as far as all this, “It wasn’t the video”, “The administration was hiding behind the video” crap (excuse my vulgarity) but doesn’t anyone remember the mass of protests that started in Egypt and spread across the Middle East and Asia because of THAT video? I think a lot of this Benghazi political circus-ness is a perfect example of criticism in isolation, where people simply fail to look at the broader situation.

  33. Behold the Binder of Women! | Parrots, Prose, and Peanuts Says:

    […] Behold the Binder of Women! […]

  34. marymtf Says:

    It’s close to an election, so it’s natural that people are out in force writing / talking about their take on Obama and Romney. I’ve taken to reading them because we’re having an election in Australia next year. We’re agonising just as much about our mob as you seem to be doing about yours. Here’s what we have in common: politicians are the same, wherever they live. They will do and say whatever will get them into the top job, or keep them the top job. So hard to decide who to vote for if you don’t like either side.

  35. divinegreenegirl Says:

    Did no one hear the phrase by Romney “IF we are going to have women in the work force…” IF??? That one little word was far more telling than “binders full of women.” “If” as if the GOP is still just humoring women by allowing them to have choices.

    • Paul Murphy Says:

      Heh. you’re right. That probably would have gotten more coverage if “binders of women” weren’t so funny.

  36. Bethany Learning Academy Says:

    In regard to your question, “who cares,” regarding the verbiage utilized after the attack on our Embassy and the disagreements that have followed as far, if not further,as our presidential debates, I care. Hundreds of families in our homeschooling organization care, most of my extended family cares, and millions of Americans posting on social networks care. It is a crucial detail that hundreds of thousands of Americans are basing their final vote upon. Considering the facts as follows:

    1. our embassy requested additional military protection shortly prior to these attacks
    2. the Obama administration denied this protection
    3. a total of 14 days dawned before Obama’s administration dispatched an investigation
    4. Our president stood before the UN denying these attacks as being “acts of terrorism.” (I understand this to the part your post identifies as irrelevant but it is most significant considering the policies of how the attack will be managed and how it will be resolved.)
    5. The Obama Administration offered an American, living in the US of A, as a scapegoat for the cause of these deaths. The entire administration redirected the blame of these horrible acts of violence to an American’s employment of his freedom of speech.
    6. Last but not least by no means, Obama’s repetitive and tortuous claim that the attack (brutal raping, beating, torturing, and beheading of our representatives abroad) was no act of terrorism placed a potential shield of protection around those responsible for these horrible actions against our nation, our representatives, our heroes. And this delayed response gave a huge head-start as these cowards fled, evidence was destroyed, and questions threatened to never unite with answers.

    I care.

    If you could be so brave as to step out from your comfort zone known as “blog,” and stand upon an actual stage, facing the soldiers, their families, their friends, and millions of Americans who feel the pains of 9/11 every time their clocks read the numbers 9:11, or they see their dead loved ones’ birthdays pass by on the calendars that haunt them, and you ask for a show of hands of “WHO CARES?,” you will see….

    we care.

    Obama stepped all over the freedom of speech our heroes have shed blood to protect, he disregarded the terrorists responsible for American deaths ( not to mention– on the anniversary of 9/11 when the same group killed thousands on our soil, with our planes, full of our people.) and he exerted his efforts to belittle the attacks for what ever reason….

    Now if you ask these same Americans to show their hands for “who cares WHY Obama did this?” that is where you will see few lifted appendages. We care that our president failed, we don’t care WHY…. we want him GONE before he fails another hero.

    • Paul Murphy Says:

      Alternatively, you’re a Romney supporter looking for something – anything – to pin on Obama and to justify Mitt’s bizarre comments during and shortly after the attack. That’s another possibility.

      • Bethany Learning Academy Says:

        I am an American supporter. I don’t have to “look” for anything to “pin on Obama.” Mitt’s comments were not bizarre at all… on the other hand, even officials from Libya rebuked Obama’s. I am proud of the Romney Campaign for not allowing the horrible events to occur without contributing Romney’s thoughts. I even ran a poll among Democrats/liberals with a similar paralleling scenario, only in the poll’s event I wrote the Republican candidate to have not responded for three days following the incident… guess what… Actual liberals, who seemingly believed the event factual, found it wrong for the hypothetical Republican candidate to withhold comments. What fools they are…. those liberals.

      • Paul Murphy Says:

        Sorry. I got nothing for you. I stopped paying attention to anything you said after the “sterilization of teenagers” comment revealed you to be a loony. Good night.

      • oceannah Says:

        Haaa….more coffee Paul! loony indeed that bethany

  37. immaterialideal Says:

    The best part was that he didn’t even answer the damn question. Yes, blah blah economy, but not even an acknowledgement of equal pay. Also, he seems to think that the highest priority of a working woman is to get home to make dinner in time. As if 8 hours of work wasn’t enough already.

    “Anyway, the debate was mildly entertaining as theater.”

    Definitely more so than as a debate. I definitely find Obama less objectionable, but that’s only because Romney’s positions are so deplorable. Not to mention he was a one-note character, which is why he dodged so many questions.

  38. IdealisticRebel Says:

    Reblogged this on idealisticrebel.

  39. becomingcliche Says:

    I’m confused. Does Romney keep his women in binders or cabinets? And does he let them out to pee?

  40. cathynd95 Says:

    They both missed the point of the question…what are they going to do to ensure that women are paid the same as a man doing the same job? Of course Kurt wanted women in his cabinet, he could save 23% on the salaries he paid them… (Sarcasm should be noted here).

  41. Peaches Says:

    I loved this. I also wondered why either of them was making a big deal about a relatively trivial thing. I mean, if America was all healthy, and employed, and educated, and safe, then maybe we could worry about silly things like phrases. Otherwise, why are they arguing about it?

    The main reason I commented was to ask you a question. Does the lack of reading comprehension and critical thinking skills apparent in some of these comments bother you or is it fuel for the comedy fire?

    (I was Freshly Pressed a while ago and I got sort of irritated. I re-read my own post thinking “I know I didn’t write that”. What the heck are they commenting on!? But yours seems to have attracted even more of that.)

    • Hamish Downie Says:

      I thought the movie “Idiocracy” was a dark comedy about a dystopian future… then I visited America only to find that it was all true now!

      I’ve never been Freshly Pressed, but I have had a video on YouTube go viral, and the vitriol that goes with that is second-to-none! The worst offenders coming from other filmmakers whose videos hadn’t gone viral.

      • Peaches Says:

        Yeah, I had a few of those. Asking ME why it was Freshly Pressed and telling me it was crap.

        Obviously, to them, I gave the WordPress team a Benjamin on the down low.

      • Hamish Downie Says:

        And here’s me thinking that wordpress was such a nice community! Honestly, to those people, if you are making films or writing blogs in order to get famous – then you are in it for the wrong reasons.

    • dorothyadele Says:

      It is an attempt to divert attention away from Obama’s failing record.

      • Paul Murphy Says:

        Which attempt to divert attention are you complaining about? There’s plenty to choose from. Just like Romney has to divert attention from his healthcare plan and tax plan and foreign policy plan, etc. Everybody’s diverting from everything!

  42. Hamish Downie Says:

    You are so right about “binders full of women” being pretty tame, albeit funny gaff. You should check out Australian Politics for some real sexism, that blew up a few weeks ago. The Prime Minister eventually tore the Opposition Leader a new one, which was quite funny to watch.

    Congratulations on being Fresh Pressed, even if (according to “Peaches”) it has it’s own headaches.

  43. Tiếng Anh đơn giản Says:

    love this post alot ! I’ve just upload some free ebooks about this content in my site, if you want to read

  44. dorothyadele Says:

    Do you find it odd that President Obama asked Crowley for the transcript? How did he know that she had it? It looks suspicious to me. In addition, she showed her bias, and I thought that one of the pillars of journalism is objectivity. I have no respect for her as a journalist.
    The “binder” is an attempt to divert attention from Obama’s poor record since we are worse off from when he took office. Has anyone noticed that Obama has attacked Romney but does not seem to have a new plan? Jobs are down, gas is up and his foreign policy just blew up in his face. Do the Dems think that the American people are concerned with a “binder” instead of Obama’s failure? Also, if I hired someone four-years ago to fix problems in my company and four years later he didn’t do the job and blamed his predecessor, do you think that I would fire him? You bet.

    • Paul Murphy Says:

      Unless Romney was in on the conspiracy, I find it difficult to see how it could be a plot. Romney made the Rose Garden gaffe all by his own self without any prompting. And of course the binder is a sideshow, except to the extent that it might reveal something about Romney’s character. Sheesh. And I too wish that Obama had a better plan. But his mediocre plan is still better than Romney’s lousy one. You don’t fire an employee if your only replacement is one of the Three Stooges.

  45. sholashade Says:

    Nice piece, and congrats on being FP. I blame you for one thing though….making me laugh out loud when there is no one else in the room, thus making me look crazy to others outside the room. 😀

  46. pagetwenty5 Says:

    This was a great read…had me laughing.

  47. maidstonejewelry Says:

    Great job. Keep it lighthearted and funny and then perhaps we can have a discourse. Who knows.

  48. dorothyadele Says:

    One last thought. You might want to view this Gotcha!
    Seriously, congrats on Freshly Pressed

  49. electric thinking Says:

    Hooray. Thoroughly enjoyable read. Well played on the FP. If I may jump on the bandwagon, the great ‘Binder’ comment of 2012 was average at best. However, my Mitt low point was very simple, ‘Well gosh…’. Everytime I watch the footage of that moment my stomach turns. Mitt scares me.

  50. flash11553 Says:

    Reblogged this on THE FLASHY NATION and commented:
    Dope Read

  51. abichica Says:

    Mitt Romney’s statement was quite condescending and arrogant.. As if he was doing all those women in the “binders” some exceptional favor..but it is hilarious and has will most likely be used in many memes… 😀 But like you i also find it ridiculous that the issues and questions which were asked during the debate( just like when Obama said the terrorism word) were more than dumb.. people just dont know what facts are important and which are just plain stupid.. great post.. 🙂

  52. HotSpotOrlando-AboutUS Says:


  53. Notes To Ponder Says:

    I have a duty to report that I am a Canadian. Canadians are fascinated by American politics. After Obama was elected a poll in Canada stated over 70% of Canadians would have voted for him. I wept openly, tears of joy and hope. Those tears have once again turned to frustration as I scrape my jaw off the floor, watching the American political side show. It’s astounding. First primaries, then the conventions, the debates – pure torture. The he said, they said, we said game. Yikes.Every move calculated, teams of writers, handlers, and spin doctors. Not to say that doesn’t happen everywhere, but I can’t think of another country that has a longer or more costly election process. Maybe that’s why Canadians are so fascinated. We call an election and 2 months later have a Prime Minister. We have caps on election spending, rules on political contributions, and strict guidelines on election bashing. If I were an American I wouldn’t be asking or quibbling about who won the debate, I would be thinking about how many schools could have been funded properly with the money spent on this election.

  54. BankingTrends Says:

    I love how no one ever mentions the fact that women who work for this administration are paid over 50% less than the men in the same position. Talk about a war on women!

    • dorothyadele Says:

      Great point!

    • Mashed Potato Bulletin Says:

      Banking> Just saw your comment and had to go verify it. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it posted or written about anywhere but in very conservative websites and even then the difference in pay was 18% not “over 50% less”. Plus, I noted that the information was attained from the White House 2011 annual report. This report only lists names and nothing about the amount of experience each employee had which is usually used to determine pay. The primary “reporting” website more than likely only went through and added up the salaries of men and women without considering any experience or background which may well be a determining factor.

      I’m not saying these reports are incorrect, just that they are questionable because there isn’t much on HOW the treated the data.

  55. אתם פילים כחולים או חמורים אדומים? אמריקה בוחרת נשיא! « אני נגד. ככה. הבלוג של זיו. Says:

    […] Behold the Binder of Women! ( […]

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