Tennessee Legislators are Morons

I suppose this comes as no surprise to people who know them better — say those unfortunate enough to live in the state and possess children — but the rest of us are just finding this out. Check out this Huff Post article.

Seems Tennessee Republican State Senator Stacey Campfield has been trying for six years to push a bill which would make it illegal for Tennessee teachers to discuss homosexuality in schools before the 9th grade. He just recently got it passed in the Senate Education Committee 6-3 (along party lines), and it’s moved along to the Senate floor.

The bill would make it illegal for teachers to discuss any sexual behavior apart from heterosexuality with students in kindergarten up through the eighth grade.  The legislation has been nicknamed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Soon it will be illegal in Tennessee for a teacher to discuss why this photo is so funny with an 8th grader.

In a recent “tweet” noted gay person George Takei has offered to let Tennessee teachers use his name in place of the word “gay.” So for instance, if a kid in the eighth grade repeatedly gets the living shit kicked out of him in one of Tennessee’s many fine forward-thinking education establishments for being different, maybe he and his teacher can discuss his “Takeiness” without the teacher getting prosecuted.

Say, I wonder if it would be illegal to talk to kids about sexual predators? It’d be unfortunate if somebody could get arrested for warning children about non-heterosexual practices like kiddy porn, incest, etc., and therefore kept his mouth shut.

God I hate morons.

Today I spent the day dragging huge chunks of trash from our woods into this 30 cubic yard dumpster I rented. Each time I picked up some rotting piece of wood or ancient tire I uncovered all sorts of scuttling bugs, beetles, spiders, slugs and what seemed a zillion Tennessee Senate Education Committee members. I think one of them ran up my leg for purposes I can’t talk to you about until you’re older.


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2 Responses to “Tennessee Legislators are Morons”

  1. Huge chunks of trash Says:

    “God I hate morons.

    Today I spent the day dragging huge chunks of trash from our woods into this 30 cubic yard dumpster I rented.”

    Does anyone sense any irony in this conjunction?

  2. Huge chunks of trash Says:

    You know, you keep talking about Tennessee legislators, when fewer than half of them have sent lewd photos on Twitter, unlike Representative Anthony Weiner, 100% of whom has done so. Where is your fair and balanced journalism?


    P.S. The other half would like to be told how to send lewd photos on Twitter. If you could help them in a future column, it would be much appreciated.

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