Obama’s Socialist Agenda – Unfair to Incompetent Bloated Plutocrats!

I note with dismay that yet another AIG executive has resigned after the Obama Administration’s “Pay Czar” imposed salary curbs on that company. According to ABC News, “Anastasia Kelly, AIG’s vice chairman for legal, human resources and corporate communications, resigned effective December 30 for ‘good reason.'” That good reason being that her salary was capped at $500,000 smackers per annum. Four other AIG execs have joined Ms. Kelly in her courageous stand against Obama’s leftist “share-the-wealth” scheme. (There’s something deeply disturbing about using a “czar” to implement a socialist agenda, don’t you think? That’s double-speak, indeed.)

You have to feel sorry for these people. Just because their gross incompetence helped to usher in a years-long global recession and the US taxpayer has bailed their useless asses out to the tune of $85 billion dollars is certainly no reason to cruelly limit their salaries to what it takes the average American a decade and a half to earn. How fair is that?

I mean, suppose it were you? If you were criminally negligent and partially responsible for world-wide economic chaos, would you accept a salary of half a million dollars a year? That’s what I thought.

How the hell can anybody live on that kind of money? It’s absurd.

Item: An Almonte Gold Toilet, hand-carved from natural marble, costs $5,500.

The Angel Orensanz will host your daughter's bat mitzvah celebration - if the price is right!

Item: The Angel Orensanz in New York City charges $17,000 to host a bat mitzvah. (Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers are extra.)

Item: A Chien Vivant Couture luxury pet bed costs some $2,000.

Item: Ann Coulter charges $25,000 to speak at your Young Republican Women book club.

Item: The Trump National Golf Club at Briarcliff Manor, New York, has a $300,000 membership fee.

Item: Lunch at Masa in New York City runs about $500.

Item: Orlando Pita charges $800 for a haircut.

Item: A Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG will set you back $202,825.

Item: A simple four-bedroom apartment on Central Park West costs $25,000,000 (and that’s after a 5 million price-cut!).

Ms. Kelly stands to make about $2.8 million in severance pay. (At these prices that should last her about three weeks.) Good luck, Ms. Kelly! We hope you and your heroic compatriots get what you deserve – and more!


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2 Responses to “Obama’s Socialist Agenda – Unfair to Incompetent Bloated Plutocrats!”

  1. Lenin on the Hudson Says:

    First of all, you could get lunch at Masa for a lot less than $500. If you share dessert and have only one glass of wine, you could get out for $100 apiece.

    Secondly, I am always struck by the argument that we have to pay such bankers whatever they want, or else we won’t get the most talented people to take these jobs. Given what the most talented people have done in these positions in the past (lost billions of dollars, destroyed world economy, stolen office supplies, etc.), wouldn’t we be better off with people who are a little less “talented” and are only paid the same as a decent shortstop or university president?

    And don’t even get me started on the story that bank regulations will “stifle innovation” of financial productes. Have these people read a newspaper???

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