An Open Letter to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

This woman helps run our government.

Dear Congresswoman Bachmann:

Recently you accused  Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s aide, of possibly attempting to infiltrate the US government on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood – in other words, of treason. If true, these accusations represent a dangerous and ongoing threat to national security, and if false, they are beneath contempt.

Therefore, on behalf of Ms. Abedin and the people of the United States, I must request that you either substantiate your accusations or shut your mouth, you horrible nasty contemptible skanky weasel-faced ass-brained idiotic cretinous evil rotten racist harpy of a medusa-visaged whorish pea-brained ghoulish churl and diseased ratlike smelly nag ogress she-devil harridan gorilla slut harlot tramp floozy strumpet hussy abomination fiend dragon freak hellion mutant ogre infected sick unwholesome corrupted pestilential toxic virulent pest vermin lousy tick maggot-breath flatulent shit-headed scum-sucking abhorrent syphilitic detestable base, disgraceful, dishonorable infamous, heinous, slime horrid, nauseating loathsome icky infamous noisome offensive rank, repulsive revolting squalid stinking ignominious yucky abject, currish degenerate hateful dirty disgusting ignoble low-down odious sad shabby swinish wretched afflicted calamitous deplorable despicable hapless inferior mean miserable sordid sorry worthless bimbo brainless doltish dopey dumb half-witted idiotic imbecilic mindless moronic puerile simpleminded sluggish thick-headed witless ignoramus-brained inferior shameful nasty gross hellish lousy mephitic objectionable obscene polluted repellent sickening soiled unclean unholy unpleasant vile vulgar pestiferous ruffian blusterer of a cheat, deceiver, fabricator, falsifier phony delinquent reprobate, rowdy scoundrel swindler, villain, filled with crap, discharge, dung, excrement feces, manure, stool, flatulence clod, ignoramous, lout, monster philistine, troglodyte, beast brute goblin imp malignant rascal rogue, vampire villain fanatic bigot, crank, crazy extremist fool monomaniac, nut zealot skank slimeball foul filthy scummy ignorant untutored bloated cancerous mean-spirited poxy tumorous leprous vicious posing unpatriotic deceptive putrid decayed fetid noisome rancid rotting spoiled tainted maggot-eating putrescent lying bitch.


In related news, 38-year-old Heidi Klum says that topless sunbathing is appropriate for women of any age. Hard to argue with.


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5 Responses to “An Open Letter to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann”

  1. Suppurating Succotash Says:

    You omitted “pustule”! What kind of lame blog is this, anyway? If you’re not going to tell the complete story, don’t hand us this incomplete drivel. My God! You omitted “drivel” too!! Oh, the humanity!

    Where can I go to read the full truth, rather than your very incomplete truths about Congresswoman Bachman? And see more pictures of Heidi Klum?

  2. Compulsion for control Says:

    Let me illustrate the power of their technology:::
    The gods create the perception of global warming by beeming heat into (cold out) of the polar icepacks, ultimately causing rising sea levels. As they can listen to your thoughts and affect your behavior so can they the animal kingdom, which is behind the changing migrating patterns of hundreds of millions of birds all at once, changing growth patterns for foliage as well as the changing weathern patterns we all experience.
    Similarly, the gods can do this with food. They can beem sugar out of fruit, flavor out of shrimp.
    I suspect like the biotechnology issue they use genetic engineering to accomplish the goal of bland produce to eliminate their culpability, but they are far too much of control freak rapist fuck degenerate shit to paint with such a broad brush. Rather it occurrs on an individual-by-individual basis. This way they can maintain conditioning/reinforcement and denial at the same dinner table.
    Realize they can also affect taste, so their options are open. As with the retard, military draft and other examples from earlier, expect it boils down to an issue of culpability::If the gods don’t accept blame they won’t “make it up to us” and the decay we experience accelerates.

    The gods are in possession of absolute power and take total control over proceedings on Planet Earth using the tools at their disposal to manage and achieve the desired perception and results in society. One of these tools is clone “clone host” fake people.
    As people age the gods bestow wisdom according to their level of favor. All people, from the gutter-dwelling homeless to the chairman of the board, would achieve this wisdom at some level, and some would change their path in life. Because of the importance of the upper eschelons in Earth’s decay the gods used this tool of clone hosts to ensure nothing changes as would when their “reals” learned::A constant turnover of eager 20 year-old preditors ensures a fresh new supply of young people eager to “earn”. Ironic it is the youth who ensures Planet Earth’s stagnation, whereas society says something quite opposite.
    Only through a historical event like this Situation is large-scale change possible. It’s not only an issue of the 20 year-olds learning they made a mistake with their choice but also of the gods still being willing to allow this macro change.

    The gods used Christainity as temptation to repel people away from themselves. The pentagram is charecterized by xtianity as a symbol of Satan but ironically the reality is the opposite:::The god’s holy symbol. Similarly, the penticle, the reverse pentagram, is the real symbol of hatred of the gods. If those foolish enough to behave in this manner hate the gods then they should have the real thing, which will cost them in the end.
    Don’t forget::::It is not a house of Jesus.
    Christianity is evil. It is responsible for slavery of Africans. It is responsible for this wicked reject dumping ground known as the United States which was used to destroy the Old World around the globe.
    There is a major difference between how Europe and the rest of the world were inflicted with xtianity:::Push vs. pull strategy. As a result, expect the “1000 years with Jesus on Earth” may be reserved for the Europeans and few others who were forced into this evil religion:::The god’s management of culpability defines the level of compensation everyone receives.
    The god’s primary goal with this Situation was their minimization of culpability arising from inflicting us with the 20th century and/or liberal counter-culture. Everything I have taught is true. Now that this Situation is complete the disfavored have been taught. The gods are no longer/minimally responsible from this point forward, pitiful “reach around” compensation for ruining your Planet Earth. Their empty promise to me “We’ll make it up to him.” has been met with similar inadequate compensation in your case, and the gods will find a way to wash their hands of this obligation to me as well.
    If they were honest how little they ultimately intended to grant us our sacrifice would have ended long ago, but they used this lie “We’ll make it up to them.” to further our misery, with absolution of obligation on the agenda for the future.
    My experience is obscene. I paid everything. But at least the gods got what they wanted. Imagine how fucked up their behavior if they didn’t.

    The gods offered Clues about my importance, who I am. They occurr on a weekly, even a DAILY basis. The tip of the iceberg is listed below::
    Air France’s Concorde
    Christa McAuliffe, Concord, NH
    Carnaval’s Costa Concordia
    Concord:::In the “eye of The Beast”
    Downey Savings
    1998:: “He gets 4 years.”, “(His chance is OVER!!)”:::2.1.03 (SS Columbia) & 11.26.03 (Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde).
    My miracle of Ocean Beach, witnessed by MILLIONS on the West Coast
    Mt. Zion:::Slowly being eaten away until one day paradise is gone forever
    Carry That Weight
    Unit 731::TSUSHOGO
    Zastava Koral

    Freud theorized that children who experience conflicts during this period of time may develop “anal” personality traits, namely those associated with a child’s efforts at excretory control: orderliness, stubbornness, a compulsion for control.

  3. Dacia Says:

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