Thoughts for a Busy Thursday

Let’s Kill Some Guy!

Congratulations to Georgia for sticking to its guns and killing the crap out of Troy Davis despite his probable innocence. It’s good to see that some people still maintain their traditions, even if the traditions under discussion are blatant inequality of justice and blind stubbornness in the face of world-wide pleas for clemency. Go Georgia!

This is Lika Ordzhonikidze -- She was Miss Georgia 2009. Not the barbaric Georgia: she's from the one in the South Caucasus.

Why is it that self-described “Good Christians” are often the people who howl loudest for blood? It’s like that “Life of Brian” sketch where all of the women buy false beards because they want to take part in the stoning. “Jehovah! Jehovah!”

That’s it: I’m worshiping Ba’al from now on. That’s some REAL old-tyme religion!

Alec Baldwin and the Malkin of Doom

Alec Baldwin is attempting to bring the wrath of the Liberal Twitterverse* on Michelle Malkin, who has been vociferously in favor of Georgia murdering Troy Davis.

Might I have a word, Alec?

This is pointless. See, like Anne Coulter, Michelle Malkin is an odiumvore** — she feeds on hate.  By railing against her you’re just making her stronger. The best you can do with these people is ignore ’em and eventually they dwindle into irrelevance. To an odiumvore this is a fate worse than death, which is why Anne Coulter looks so desperate these days.

Michelle Malkin's kinda cute for a mean-spirited trull, really. If you're gonna hurl racial epithets and death threats at her, at least make sure they're spelled correctly, willya?

In addition, Alec, your tirade has led your less-stable followers to unleash a veritable tsunami of poorly-spelled racial epithets and death threats against Ms. Malkin, which is unfortunate, if for no other reason than because it distracts from the real debate and makes her into a martyr. Leave the ranting to the other side. Nobody expects any better from them.

States’ Rights

Ever notice how “States’ Rights” are used almost exclusively to defend the dumbest and cruelest practices? Nobody brings up states’ rights when announcing free sandwiches for the deaf or saving drowning puppies from a vat of warm oatmeal. States’ Rights only get brought up when you want to kill somebody who doesn’t really deserve to die or when you want to enslave some people based upon their pigmentation. Think about it.

There is no actual proof that Nancy Grace eats baby kittens. Yet.

Dancing With the Annoying People

After watching Dancing With the Stars this week, I can say with complete certainty:

1. I don’t care what Chaz Bono has in his pants, now or when he was born. Why do you?

2. If I had been Cher’s child I’d almost certainly have gender issues too.

3. I hope Nancy Grace chokes on a bowl of cheese curds with gravy. She’s a harpy and makes my skin crawl. Who’s voting for her? Stop it. Stop it now.

4. If either Michelle Malkin or Anne Coulter appear on Dancing I’m not voting for ’em, even though they both have good legs and would really rock the sequined gown. That’s how strongly I feel about this. Gender-changed Chaz Bono is far hawter than either of those dames.


*I once vowed that if I ever used the word “Twitterverse” you should kill me. I stick by that vow today. Shoot me in the belly, so I die slow.

** I made the word “odiumvore” up. Pay me money when you use it.



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