The Streets of San Francisco

I’m in San Francisco on business. Important business. Secret business. Business which just might blow the lid right off of this whole rotten social gaming machine.

Or not.

Actually, I’m out here to visit my company’s Home Office, which I haven’t yet seen although I’ve worked here for about a year now. Hey, I’ve been busy. Plus I have all of those goats to take care of. My wife wasn’t going to let me go this time either, but then Duke got knocked out of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and I slipped out while she was emptying her Glock into the TV.

You'll be glad to know that this is the first that comes up when you do an image search on "Chicks with Glocks"


Fun Fact: Glocks call themselves “SAFE ACTION PISTOLS.” Is that really a selling point for a gun? How about “KILL THE LIVING SH*T  OUTTA THAT DUDE WHO IS PISSING YOU OFF PISTOLS”?

Anyway. I flew in on Sunday and have settled down in the Clift Hotel, which is both sassy and fashionable. I had a hilarious “Country Mouse” moment when I stared blankly at the super-hip shower controls for five minutes trying to turn the blamed thing on.

Later me and my co-workers went down into the fashionable lobby and played Pokemon, increasing the overall hipness of the joint by like a zillion percent. Then we had dinner at the hotel restaurant which came to slightly less than the cost of my first car.

Honey: you may want to sell off some of your more redundant organs to cover these charges until we get reimbursed. Love you!

Well that’s all for now. It’s early Monday morning and I’m getting ready for work. I’ll write more later after I’ve totally expanded the horizon of social gaming and hopefully had noodles in Chinatown.

Your Obedient Servant


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