Game Design Haiku

In honor of my upcoming trip to San Francisco, here’s some game designer haiku! Enjoy!


I am fifty-one.

Yet I enjoy Pokemon.

Does that make me odd?


You say this is long?

Cutting every other word

Does not improve it.


I have written some

Three Civilopedias.

Shoot me in the face.


I’d like to put in

The item you’re suggesting,

But it deeply sucks.


My design is fine.

If it does not work at all

I blame the user.


You just don’t get it:

To make a video game

Costs a lot of dough.


I am very sure

That your game ideas are great

Please tell someone else.


Some people do games

With gorgeous women in them.

I do games with goats.

Is this person in my game? Of course not. Does she LOOK like a goat?




3 Responses to “Game Design Haiku”

  1. Mich Says:

    OMG that just made my afternoon.

  2. Tammy Says:

    HAHAHAH I love the last two

  3. Preston Says:

    Some of the major influencers of western philosophical thought were goats. Be proud.

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