Top Ten Reasons We Are Bombing Libya

10. Gaddafi is ruthless totalitarian dictator who doesn’t supply us with cheap, plentiful oil.

9. It gets dark too early in Finland to see targets.

8. Obama lost bet with Gates on Pitt/Butler basketball game.

7. Great Britain double-dog dared us.

6. Military-Industrial Complex used the “p word.”

5. Obama sick and tired of that megalomaniacal fruitcake calling him “our son.”

4. France said it was okay.

3. If we’re entangled in this war maybe nobody will ask us about Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

2. To divert country’s attention from cancellation of “Two and a Half Men.”

1. US needs one more war to make Yahtzee!



This guy has almost single-handedly ruined the world's hat industry. He must be destoyed.


Obligatory Comment About Seriousness of Subject

I do not think this war is funny. I don’t think any war is funny. I agree that Gaddafi is a dangerous lunatic asshole dictator, but I also think engaging in three wars simultaneously is insane, and I question our decisions to support other local totalitarian regimes while self-righteously hammering this one. I hope our troops stay safe and we don’t have to kill to many Libyans.


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