Suck it Up.

This Tuesday wasn’t my best day. First, I had to get up real early and go down to Baltimore to get a sizable chunk of my belly-flesh removed, then I had to go home and watch my beloved Democratic party get the living snot kicked out of it at the polls. Wednesday was in some ways even worse, as I was immobile and had to listen to the politicians and pundits bloviate about the election for hour after painful hour. It was a clear refudiation of Obamacare and Big Government. It was the electorate’s showing displeasure with the party in power over the economy and had little to do with any particular policy. It was a triumph of the Tea Party and the death-knell of the Republican Party. It was the victory of Big Business over Unions. It was the death-knell of the Democratic Party. Whatever. Mainly what it was was an election, like we have every two years.

Separated at Birth?

I remember after the last election some of my Republican friends bitterly predicted the Triumph of Socialism and the Fall of the Union. They made vague threats about armed resistance to the inevitable rise of tyranny, as the country was turned over to the Muslims and the Commies. I tried to point out that there’d be another election in two years, and that they were free to throw the latest crop of bums out, and therefore claims of tyranny and oppression were at best foolish and at worst the whining of mega poor losers. But many of ’em couldn’t shut up about it. And they still haven’t, as far as I can tell.

So I say unto you, my fellow Democrats: don’t follow their poor example. Suck it up. Quit yer whining and cease yer wailing and gnashing of teeth. We got our butt kicked because the economy was in the toilet and because we elected leaders who lacked the courage of our convictions. Remember that the next election is just two years away. If you want to avoid this in the future, make sure that you elect Democrats who will vote their consciences rather than try to pander to a moderate Republican electorate that probably doesn’t exist any more. Hopefully, President Obama will take the right message from the drubbing he’s received, and if he doesn’t, let him know early and often.

Senate Republican Leader Yertle the Turtle had a good night on Tuesday.

And for God’s sake, don’t lose your sense of humor, willya? Don’t let NewsCorp’s trained fearmonkeys break your spirit. Make sure to laugh at John Boehner and/or Mitch McConnell at least once a day. Remember the lessons of the Rally to Restore Sanity: there are many of us as there are of them, and we know how to spell better.

And if I see any pictures of Sarah Palin with a Hitler moustache, there’s gonna be frickin’ trouble. The chick’s a jerk, sure, but she’s no Hitler. The real Hitler is in the Disney bunker with Walt, and you don’t want to piss him and his army of robot clones off.


Belly Watch

My surgery was a great success, thank you to all of my pals who wished me well over the past couple of days. I’ll probably be out of work through Friday, but back on Monday. I can’t bathe for three weeks, which should be fun for my co-workers (not to mention my beloved wife, Monica, who has been a true champeen in my Time of Trouble). Next I get belted by Gamma Rays like the Hulk, and I’m on watchful waitingness for the forseeable future. About the best results one could hope for given the disease. Woot!

My doctor and her assistant. I'm pretty sure this was them -- although admittedly I was deeply stoned and I didn't have my glasses on at the time.



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