Well, Crap

It’s late Sunday night. I was gonna write a humorous blog on painting the chicken coop and doing plumbing repair and cunningly tying it into the Saturday Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin “I have a Scheme” rally. I’ve been working for a few hours and it’s just not funny. Or interesting. Or insightful. It’s just flat, and I’m not gonna publish it.

See, one of our dogs (Tats) is going to the vet’s tomorrow morning to determine if he has a lethal disease or not. I hope he doesn’t, but he probably does. If so, he’s done. Yesterday he was fine, today he’s got symptoms, and tomorrow he may be gone.

Anyway, I’m just not feeling the funny tonight. Sorry.

Here’s a recommendation: be nice to the people and critters you love, because bad things sometimes happen with not so much warning.

P.S. The chicken coop is pretty much done. I’ll be putting in the chicken run over the next week, and then we just need the chickens. Hopefully I won’t come to love any of them feathery bastards.

Never grow too attached to food products.


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4 Responses to “Well, Crap”

  1. Liz Schelper Says:

    Reminds me of my first batch of chickens that I raised in West Africa from chicks. I thought I was getting a bunch of hens. . .as these were Rhode Island Reds, good egg layers. Turned out they were most all Roosters. Oh, we just had to eat them.

  2. reconstructed Says:

    I’ll be keeping Tats and you in my thoughts.

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