What am I Missing Here?

Okay. It’s really, really bad when bad people – even Americans – try to commit acts of terrorism on American soil. I get that. And I understand that some people think that terrorists (or alleged terrorists) should not be treated with kid gloves, and that doesn’t necessarily make them evil or dumb or cowardly.

For instance, Senators Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins strongly believe that American terrorism suspects should not be read their Miranda warning. Okay. I think they’re totally wrong, that “the right to remain silent” is at the heart of the American justice system, and that weakening it could be the start of a slippery slope to tyranny,* but after deeply regretting some recent intemperate remarks on Facebook I promised myself that I wouldn’t damn people for holding positions different from mine.

In a similar vein, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose city just survived a bombing attack (allegedly) by Faisal Shahzad, a remarkably inept American of Pakistani descent, noted that the suspect had recently purchased an assault weapon. Bloomberg pointed out the surprising fact that people on the FBI’s terrorist watch list were not barred from purchasing guns, explosives, and so forth. They couldn’t fly, but they could purchase semi-automatic weapons. He recommended that this “obvious loophole” should be plugged.

Here’s the thing. Susan Collins and Lindsey Graham vigorously oppose Bloomberg’s recommendation. As Lindsey says, “We’re talking about a constitutional right here.” He could not support a bill that would force “innocent Americans” to “pay the costs of going to court to get their gun rights back.”

So. To summarize: it’s okay to grill American terror suspects without informing them of their Miranda rights, but it’s not okay to stop them from buying guns.

I beg your pardon?

After the last political blog I promised myself that I’d stop calling people names just because they think differently than I do. But after long, sober consideration, I think that I can state with total dispassion those people are fucking idiots.

Big Fat Pregnant Dog Update

Those who have been paying attention may remember that a month or so ago I assisted my wife in getting Brett, a friend’s bitch, pregnant. Uh, my wife’s dog Tartan got Brett pregnant I mean. We were there strictly in a supervisory capacity.

Anyway, the operation was successful. Here’s the proof:

This is Brett before her arrival at our canine love nest.

This is Brett now.

Ah, the miracle of life! Ain’t it wonderful? You women are just so damned lucky!

Brett is due in two weeks. More info as the blessed event progresses.


*And you know what? Glenn Beck actually agrees with me. Spooky.


One Response to “What am I Missing Here?”

  1. JLB Says:

    Love it, Paul.

    Guns, explosives, etc, good for terrorist; right to remain silent, no fucking way. Its pretty clear that your conclusion is right, too.

    My best to Tartan (I know what Fatherhood is like)…

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