Hat Dance, Part II – Mea Culpa, Baby

Following up on the near universal popularity of my last post, “Hat Dance,” in which I may have mis-characterized the intent behind the new law in Arizona, upon deeper reflection I have several comments and clarifications:

1. It’s important for us northern liberal types to get our heads around the enormity of the crisis in the border states, which is destroying communities, overwhelming hospitals, and killing both residents and illegals alike. The federal government has been totally paralyzed on this issue because of a bunch of  conflicting interests, including sympathy for the migrants, a need for cheap labor, an inability to pay for secure borders, federal and local turf wars, and basic xenophobia, all of which combine to stop the Feds from crafting a policy which provides amnesty, work visas, road to citizenship, and secure borders.

The bill is a reaction to this paralysis, not a sign of racism. My kneejerk response was at least ill-considered, if not unfair and idiotic. If it does nothing else, this bill may well force the federal government to Do Something.

2. I wish I had thought twice before publishing the previous blog and had instead written about goat hijinks or something.

3. Even with all the sympathy in the world to the people on the border, the bill is still bad. Bad, bad, bad. Noted liberal shills Lindsey Graham and Carl Rove both agree that it’s got constitutional problems. Others note that it might very well destroy Arizona’s crucial trading relationship with Mexico and bankrupt the state too. So to my conservative buddies: it is possible for people who want to solve immigration issues to dislike this bill because it’s just plain bad.

4. JLo is still totally hot. Here’s another picture of her.

Jennifer Lopez accepted my apology, so why can't you?

Jennifer Lopez accepted my apology, so why can't you?

Thanks for your attention,

Paul Murphy


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5 Responses to “Hat Dance, Part II – Mea Culpa, Baby”

  1. JLB Says:

    Yep, on all fronts. It’s hard being the place where everybody wants to come.

    The Constitutional issue in a nutshel is: In order to enforce the law, perfectly legal US citizens rights to privacy (under the 4th amendment) must be violated. We need to find a way to do all the things you mentioned, but we have to figure a way that maintains our rights as US citizens.

  2. Rufus T. Firefly Says:

    It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken. It takes an even tougher man to reconsider his stance on anything.

    It’s not so much that yours is closer than mine now that I admire you for doing this; it is that you rethought it at all. Few can do such a thing, and for that I admire you. I’ll even buy you a Guinness, a Chimay, or whatever, the next time we meet.

    • Paul Murphy Says:

      I haven’t changed my stance at all. This is and has always been my position, which has been consistently and maliciously misinterpreted by the liberal elites in the media.

  3. Jeremiah H.T. Fogworth Says:

    Damn their eyes!

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